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Modular Construction

Modular construction refers to the offsite manufacturing of buildings in easily transportable sized modules or sections which are transported to site in completed or semi-completed state. In cases where the project is too large to be transported in one piece, the final structure is pieced together on site like blocks of Lego.

This construction method has several key advantages over traditional techniques:

  • Improved efficiency through improved facilities under factory conditions
  • Minimal site disruption as most works are performed off site
  • Reduced travel costs for projects in remote locations
  • Minimal weather delays, as most construction happens under sheltered factory conditions.
  • Quality control through strict and repeatable QA processes.

Types of modular construction:

  • Modularised: manufactured in larger ‘truck size’ mostly completed sections
  • Panelised: manufactured as pre-lined panels which are assembled and fitted out on site